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Think Big

Projects with wider impact

The “Think Big” programme is designed for those who prefer to contribute to collective projects with a wider impact, benefiting all children and/or young adults in a local community. Some examples of these type of projects are the building a technical school for children that could not continue their studies, providing computer equipment to a vocational centre for young adults, running a study-support centre to help children of poor families to keep up with the work at school, or buying a bus for transporting children in a community to the nearest school.

This type of projects are supported by larger donations, typically from companies, other types of organisations (foundations, NGOs or a parents’ group in a school) or any group of people willing to put money together to contribute to bringing change to children’s’ lives (e.g. on the occasion of a fundraising party, wedding, etc.).

Just like for the other programmes, CAF works hand in hand with the local partner and the community involved. The local partner is responsible for consulting with a range of key stakeholders in the community during the preparation of the project proposal. This helps assure local “buy-in” and ownership of results by the local community concerned.

When choosing a T-Big project, CAF, together with the local partner, looks for broad impact, support of the community concerned and sustainability in the medium-long term.