Individual sponsor

We are looking for people who wish to make a personal contribution to change the life of children and young adults in impoverished communities in India and Cambodia. Our donors and sponsors have the opportunity to follow the progress achieved by these children or young adults thanks to their support and, if interested, even witness it in person by participating in our yearly field trip.

You can choose to become the sponsor of a child or a young adult through:

  • our Child Sponsoring programme, by either sponsoring a child or young adult directly or by supporting our Wellbeing and Education (WELED) Fund, or
  • our Family Micro-Business programme, by sponsoring the start-up of small businesses to ensure the livelihood of a family and the education and wellbeing of their children.

You can of course also team up with family and friends and become collective sponsors, with one of you remaining our contact. A group of parents from a school in Belgium, for example, have been sponsoring a girl in India.

Corporate sponsor

We also work with corporations and other organisations sharing our values and objectives that offer to support bigger projects with a community approach (eg. building a school, buying a minibus for students or educational material such as computers).