We are a small non-profit organization made entirely of volunteers. All the contributions made by our sponsors or donors are used entirely to finance our projects.

We rely on the yearly membership fees of our members to cover our minimal administrative costs (e.g. communication material, hosting of our website, bank account fees, etc.).

Who can become a member?

Anyone who would like to support our activities is welcome to join the CAF family and become a member.

Volunteers dedicating time to CAF’s projects are also invited to become members. Some former and current sponsors, donors and Friends of CAF have also become members in order to support the running costs of our organisation.

What does it mean to become a member?

As a member, you commit to support the activities of CAF by paying a yearly contribution. The yearly membership fee is EUR 60. Students, unemployed and retired people have a reduced membership fee of 30 EUR.

You will become part of the CAF family and be kept informed of our activities. You will be invited to the various activities we organize to raise funds. You will also have the right to attend the General Assembly of our organisation.