Linda and Michel



It is wonderful when life gives you everything; a nice home, a good job, health, friends, projects you can realise; difficult when you learn that for a lot of people the cards haven’t been distributed the same way…

I and my wife Linda decided to travel to the South of India with CAF to visit real poor people (that means those who have to live with less than 1 euro a day!!!). Hard to imagine for us indeed! Some fathers get so discouraged and depressed they leave the huge burden on their wife’s shoulders;

That is why we accepted to sponsor a little girl, Sattya, who lives in a small familiar children’s’ home we visited in Tamil Nadu, on the Indian Ocean. For 25 euro a month, she gets a nice education, is properly fed and nicely dressed.

Sattya writes to us very regularly, adding some recent pictures of her wonderful smile and sparkling eyes. Visibly happy, no doubt!

Michel :” When I visited her last time, she showed me very proudly her schoolbooks and was very happy doing some mathematics exercises with me, calling me ‘Uncle’ in a natural way.  No doubt that the very small financial gift means a huge change to her former miserable life. We are convinced, as the other members of CAF, that education is the only way to get people and especially women in India, out of the vicious circle of misery”