Of course, I had heard nice stories about CAF from my good friends who were already involved, but it is not until 2017 that I took the leap and decided to accompany them in their annual field trip to Cambodia. Needless to say, it was quite an experience!

I got the opportunity to meet with the local partner LRDE (Le Restaurant des Enfants), observe how it welcomes around hundred poor children every day at its place located in the centre of Pnom Penh, and understand how it makes arrangements to offer those kids basic care and provide them whenever possible with the opportunity to go to school.

Then some kind of miracle occurred: a little 6 years old girl came to me and I knew instantly I would become her sponsor.

Since then I have been receiving news from her regularly and even pictures thanks to which I can see how nice she is growing. I really hope I can follow her at least until she becomes an adult and is truly able to make her own choices in life. I totally adhere to CAF’s approach which is also involved in the family micro-business, but always with the ultimate objective of helping parents become autonomous to support the education of their children.